Our Founders

Our Founders

Dennis Ye, CEO

Before co-founding Reality Detector, Dennis did due diligence for the public and private sectors, practicing how to read people through biographies, speech acts and deception cues. Dennis was also researching and consulting for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Princeton University, JFDI.Asia, and Re.A.Pra. In his former incarnation as a public servant, he worked for the leading central bank and foreign service.┬áHis interests are in foundings, innovation and justice. Additionally, he blogs at dennisye.com (where he has curated part of Peter Thiel’s Tsinghua lectures which Dennis helped Peter teach) and serves as a mentor for the Yale-NUS Entrepreneurship Society. He was trained in micro-, subtle and profile expressions by the Paul Ekman Group.

Jiamin Bai, CTO

Jiamin has been working on Computer Vision / Graphics over last 12 years. His thesis focuses on manipulating motions in videos, either to emphasize them or de-emphasize them. After graduating from UC Berkeley (PhD), he joined Light, a computational imaging startup looking to re-imagine how cameras should operate. He led the pixel processing team and is intimately familiar with the imaging pipeline. The computational imaging team shipped 2 products, the Light L16, the world’s first multi-aperture computational camera, and the Nokia Pureview 9. He currently works at the Institute for Infocomm Research in the Visual Intelligence department within the Spatial Computing group. His work focuses on reconstructing a digital twin for very large spaces using a high number of cameras.\\

Teodor Andius, COO

Teodor is an ex-IBM junior consultant having worked project management for multi-million dollar government contracts. At IBM Sweden, he worked with top-level executives in Stockholm, led development teams around the country and was responsible for client communication. He finished off his pre-university employment at IBM by diving into next-gen technology at IBM Research in Almaden, Silicon Valley, where he programmed quantum computers.
Prior to IBM, Teodor created multiple businesses, most notably his tech company NosCode that developed applications for inventory management to companies throughout SE Asia. He has a keen interest in coding and enjoys – perhaps even more – the business aspect of what technology can deliver.

Nini Chang, Product Manager

Nini is a UI UX designer and has been a co-founder since 18. She communicates with developers about product specs using prototypes and works with team members to prioritize tasks and user stories in product roadmaps.

Nini is passionate about problem solving using multidisciplinary perspectives. In high school, she had presented her honors thesis “Price Premium of Girl-Scout Cookies for Charity” at 2018 Convention of Association for Psychological Science (US) and won the 4th place in Taiwan International Science Fair. After she decided to major in data science in college, she published a paper on cartogram usage. She also helped incubate Draper Startup House Singapore. As the former president of Yale-NUS Entrepreneurship Society, she enjoys sharing and supporting innovative ideas in the startup ecosystem.