a Deception Detection Solution by Seer

About Us

Reality Detector by Seer is the deception detection product line of Seer.

We are a deep-tech startup creating  AI-powered deception and emotion detection technology. Using computer vision, machine learning, and insights from cognitive and behavioural science, we hope to improve deception-detection technologies and increase their accessibility. 


Our initial product market fit is in creating cutting-edge biometrics to facilitate safe travel across borders.  Learn more about what we do here.

Our Partners & Grantors

We’ve won our first government contract, and have a range of local and international grantors and partners. 


  • Draper Associates
  • A*STAR
  • Enterprise Singapore
  • Microsoft 500 Startups Global
  • SMU Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
  • National University of Singapore
  • JTC Singapore

We're hiring!

Junior Software Engineer [Local Hire]

Business Admin/ Secretary [Local Hire]

MBA / JD Summer Intern

Data Labeller

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consider participating in our experiments to help us grow our dataset instead!