Reveal incongruent words and actions at a glance.


Come join Reality Detector (Seer) – a deep-tech startup seed funded by Tim Draper and Draper Associates which is creating AI-powered deception and emotion detection technology to reveal incongruent words and actions at a glance. Our purpose is to create a more discerning, trustworthy and prosperous world. Our vision is to augment human understanding through technology and our mission is to build a deception indicator and convince skeptics

To achieve this, we are i) augmenting and commercializing accurate behavioral science with rule-based AI and ii) automating novel automated deep-learning. Our initial product market fit is in creating cutting-edge biometrics to enhance travel across borders and protect innocents from harmful lies.



Our Selected Achievements:

  • Entrepreneur First grant funding and IC approval
  • Top 50 team at LKYGPC Competition
  • Paid pilot

Introduction to what we do